To thy known self be true.

Hi, I’m Dünya

I’m a transdisciplinary scientist, engineer, designer, and student of life.

My life mission is to connect people to themselves and the world. This had led me to three themes: Human & AI Cognition, Biomimetic Engineering, and Sustainable Living

Within AI & Human Cognition, my work spans memory, decision-making, affect, mental health, learning, and AI-human collaboration.

In Biomimetic Engineering, I am curious about soft robotics and biomaterials.

In Sustainable Living, I am passionate about tech development, successful startup models, the circular economy, and consumer education & empowerment.

↗️ Projects

I co-run the Augmentation Lab, an independent R&D lab school building technologies for augmenting life, education, and science.

Previously, I co-wrote a book on scaling up startups to unicorns. I also care about policy and co-led the main German student network for international exchange.

Currently, I’m working on a framework for sustainable technology development.

I’m also a student researcher at the Fluid Interfaces group at the MIT Media Lab, researching brain-computer interfaces and AI.

My official background is in bioinformatics and neuroscience. I did my BSc at University College London (UCL) and am now at the University of Leipzig and MIT.

Currently based in: Boston, USA